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Sports Betting Tips

2010 MLB Baseball Betting - Over/Under Trends After One Month of Play

As any sports fan already knows, Major League Baseball is the classic example of a season being a marathon, not a sprint. These guys play six out of every seven days, for six straight months, which gives us an incredible amount of statistical data to comb over. Now that the first month of the 2010 season is in the books, each team has played 20+ games and we are able to begin to identify some trends that could give us an advantage over our Sport Book and share these tips with you.

Focus on Totals

As we are still early in the 2010 season, a lot of teams have yet to hit their stride. Teams that were expected to perform well may be struggling to win games, and teams that carried low expectations may be overachieving. Because of this, it is a little easier for the sports better to identify over/under trends for teams, regardless of their won/loss record. After one month of play, it is apparent that pitching has been dominating hitting (for the most part). This is a fairly common trend in MLB--as the saying goes, "as the temperature heats up, so do the bats". The following teams have been playing their games under the total at a high percentage:

    Cleveland Indians (5 overs - 13 unders)
    Houston Astros (5 overs - 12 unders)
    Seattle Mariners (7 overs - 13 unders)
    Chicago Cubs (6 overs - 11 unders)
    San Diego Padres (6 overs - 11 unders)

Teams That Are Trending Over

Not ALL teams are struggling to go over the total, however. The following teams have been playing their games over the total at a high percentage--you'll likely be surprised at which teams currently top the list:

     Los Angeles Dodgers (14 overs - 6 unders)
     Arizona Diamondbacks (13 overs - 6 unders)
     Pittsburgh Pirates (12 overs - 6 unders)
     Florida Marlins (13 overs - 8 unders)
     Milwaukee Brewers (11 overs - 6 unders)

Ride the Wave

As I mentioned earlier, this is not an uncommon trend to begin a baseball season. I would expect these trends to continue through May, but after that I definitely expect the hitters to begin establishing their dominance. Everything tends to find a way to balance itself out over the course of a baseball season, and the cream usually rises to the top. Keep this in mind. Sport Books are very sharp and will begin adjusting their lines, as well.  As the summer arrives, I would pay close attention to which teams start heating up with their bats and begin betting on more games to go over the total. In the meantime, monitor the performance of the teams I've listed above and ride the under wave as long as it lasts.

Check out more of our sports betting tips articles to become a smarter sports better. Knowledge is power, folks.  Best of luck, and please gamble responsibly!


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