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September 15, 2010

Site Update

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 1:15 PM

Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know that we have moved our Five Star Football Picks section HERE. We are 4-0 in the NFL this season, and week 2 picks have been released. It’s easier for us to update on that page instead of making a new blog post each week. I’ll still be posting my thoughts on the games and venting my anger on everything football related right here, so don’t fret! As far as the NCAA football is concerned, we have our plays for this weekend. Remember: we’re the only honest handicappers in town, so we fully admit that NCAA football hasn’t gotten off to a great start for us. We WILL turn it around, but we have to be honest and upfront about it. That said, here’s who we like in Week 3:

Alabama -23.5
Florida State -10
Louisiana Tech +3.5
North Texas +5.5

September 12, 2010

Ups and Downs

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 6:59 PM

Well, needless to say, we got killed on Saturday. Some very suspect second-half performances did us in and we took it on the chin. No excuses, it happens. That’s gambling and that’s why we manage our money! Thankfully for our clients (and us), we swept the board on the NFL today, cashing in with HOUSTON, GREEN BAY and TENNESSEE. Combined with Minnesota on Thursday night, we’ve started the NFL season 4-0, which we’re pretty happy about. We need it, considering we’re 2-6-1 in NCAA football so far. We’ll keep plugging away at the college schedule–don’t panic, we’re not going to throw in the towel and we’ll bounce back next weekend big time. We’re going to have NCAA and NFL picks released pretty early this week, so check back and be ready to lock ‘em in. –ajec

September 10, 2010


Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 8:08 AM

Well, it was close and it was ugly–but it counts. We had Minnesota +6 (with a little juice) last night, and I hope you followed our recommendation and did the same. It wasn’t pretty, but a win on the opening game of the season is a pretty nice way to kick off the NFL season.

Just a reminder: We have two five-star NFL plays released for Sunday. As mentioned below, sign up with one of our sponsors (through a link on this site) and make a deposit–that’s ALL you have to do to get our top rated football picks all season long. You won’t find a better deal anywhere, trust me on that. Save yourself thousands of dollars on tout picks and give us a try–you will win money. –ajec

September 9, 2010

Additional Picks Info + NFL Opening Night Free Play

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 10:12 AM

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. We’ve decided to offer another method of obtaining our picks for this football season: by visiting Sports Interaction or Bodog through a link on this site, opening a new account and making a deposit. Do this, and let us know–once we verify it, we’ll put you on the mailing list for the picks (NCAA and NFL, all season long).

This is a great deal–you get a full season’s worth of NCAA and NFL picks and a new sportsbook account (which is ALWAYS a good thing), and instead of paying us out of your own pocket, we get the referral bonus from the sportsbook themselves. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Free NCAA Week 2 picks are released in the previous post.

As we all know, then NFL season starts tonight, and we LOVE the Vikings tonight, plus the points. Shop around and find the best line, there are some 6’s out there. We also have two other 5-star releases for Sunday, as well. Now is the time to jump on-board and ride the wave with us all season. So: either email us (contact@sportbooksreview.com) about making a $20 Paypal payment for the weekend plays, or sign up with one of our top sponsors and get the whole season for free–it doesn’t get any easier than this, people! –ajec

September 8, 2010

NCAA Football – Week 2 Picks

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 11:20 AM

Well folks, as promised yesterday, we just received the picks for this weekend. Bet ‘em, fade ‘em, whatever works for you! Lines are current as of 10am EST, Sept. 8.

Tennessee +12
Syracuse +14
USC -19.5
Duke +4.5

Good luck!

September 7, 2010

Nice bailout last night…

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 4:48 PM

Hopefully you were with us on Boise State last night. That moneyline winner got back the unit we were down from the weekend and gets us back to square one. That said, we’re not exactly UP after one week, either, so it’s only fair that we do another FREE week of picks. Our guru is analyzing the lines as we speak, and he will most likely have his releases ready for tomorrow afternoon/evening. Like I’ve said before, get your bets in early as these lines will move between now and kickoff. It gets a lot easier to cap these games after a game or two into the season, and we’re expecting to go up 2-3 units in Week 2. Check back often, folks–you never know when a breaking pick could be posted! –ajec

September 6, 2010

Laborous Labor Day Weekend

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 9:09 PM

Well, a 1-2-1 start isn’t exactly what we had in mind over here, but week one is always tough. Since we didn’t deliver a big return in week one, we’re giving away a special free play on the big Boise-VTech game tonight, and it’s big play. Take Boise State on the MONEYLINE tonight folks. It’ll be a plus-money play, and we love it.

Good luck, and see you in a couple of days! –ajec

September 2, 2010

NCAA Football Week 1 – FREE Preview

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 12:50 PM

Well folks, the time is FINALLY upon us. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been chomping for football season to start, and the day has arrived. Our source has graciously agreed to give out this week’s selections completely free of charge so that you all get a chance to win some money for free–not bad, right??

These are the plays for NCAA Football, Week 1. These lines are current as of Thursday, September 2 at approximately 11:30am Eastern time. It’s important that you confirm your wagers in advance, people–these lines will likely move, so if you wait until right before gametime, you will likely not be getting the same value. You have been warned! With that said, here are the plays:

East Carolina +7.5
Toledo +16.5
Cincinnati +2.5
Purdue +11

There you have it, folks. Our source breaks down every single lined game on the board and narrows it down to ONLY his top rated plays. I personally had a strong lean to Cincinnati and East Carolina, so I was thrilled when I saw them on his list. After this weekend, we will revert to charging a very small fee for the plays. We had planned on making it $5 per day, but with the schedules being what they are, we have decided that it will be $20 for the week of NCAA plays, and $20 for the week of NFL plays. This is about as cheap as it gets for a FULL week of plays, we feel like this is the best value out there, period. Please write contact@sportbooksreview.com when you are ready to make your purchase (we are hoping to setup a PayPal checkout on the site, but in the meantime we will do our business via email). Thanks for reading, and good luck everybody!


August 10, 2010

Still Alive, Don’t Worry…

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 12:29 PM

Yes, it’s been a long summer so far; and yes, we’re still alive! I always take a bit of a gambling break during the summer months. After a long football season that runs into college basketball, NBA and the NHL, by the time June rolls around I’m mentally exhausted. But, we’re into August now and the Hall of Fame game was played on Sunday night. My football juices are flowing. Just picked up the latest copies from Marc Lawrence’s Playbook collection and the information is endless. I highly recommend them. But, that’s that and we’re quickly approaching the start of NCAA and NFL football, which means…

…the time is almost upon us. Our new football picks guru is ready to rock and roll, and trust me: you don’t want to miss out. We’ve figured out how it’s going to work (we think), so here it is:

We’re thinking about a daily picks package, but we’re definitely going to offer a weekly package at a mere $20. Compare that to any of the “premium” picks services out there and we blow them away. And furthermore, the majority of those guys will lose money over the course of the season. Trust me on that. For the month of September, we’ll be offering a full month of football picks for just $60. Again, compare that to the $300+ you’ll pay for a month anywhere else and you should be chomping at the bit to jump onboard. Frankly, we’d prefer to offer these picks for free, but we have to pay our guy something for his work here, so this was the lowest amount we could go. If you’re interested in getting these picks–you WILL win money if you bet these picks–you can get a headstart on things by emailing contact@sportbooksreview.com and letting me know. I’ll put you on our mailing list, give you the information you need and you’ll have the picks emailed to you instead of having to check back here every day for updates.

So that’s where we are right now. The football season for both leagues will be starting in a matter of weeks, so now is the time to start preparing. We’re going to make some serious money over the next few months, people–we’re talking mortgage and bill payment money here–so you don’t want to be on the outside looking in. –ajec

June 28, 2010

Big Stuff Coming Soon…

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 2:15 PM

Hey folks… I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but it’s the summertime and things have been hectic as always. Between my upcoming wedding, day job, vacation and a million other things, I’ve been kept pretty busy. However, I have not lost sight of big things that are coming this fall. As we speak, we are working on our brand new NFL Betting Tips section that will feature 15-20 articles that are chalk-full of betting tips dedicated entirely to the NFL season. We’ll have this up and launched by August, so you’ll have time to get ready for the 2010 NFL season. Needless to say, I cannot wait.

We also have some huge news: we have secured one of, if not THE top handicapper on the entire Canadian eastern seaboard to join us here at SportBooksReview this fall. This guy is not a household name, but he has been earning a living off betting on sports for decades. In fact, he makes so much money during the football and basketball seasons, he doesn’t even place bets during the summer. He will be joining us this fall, and will be proving his Five Star Picks to us on a daily basis. He is a very selective better, so when he releases a pick here at SportBooksReview, you can be sure he has a large chunk of his own money riding on the game, as well. We have yet to finalize all the details regarding payment (you don’t get this kind of talent for free), but it’s safe to say that the cost for his picks will be CONSIDERABLY lower than any of the other “experts” you see online. We’re thinking somewhere in the $6/day range, but nothing is finalized yet. This is some seriously big news, folks, I hope you will all be around to take advantage of it when football season rolls around. Until then, enjoy the World Cup! –ajec

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